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Are you looking for a new logo for your business? Our logo and branding experts will help you create the perfect logo for your business and put an exclamation mark on it.

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Logo Design
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How your Logo Design works with Magic Design

Create unlimited design tasks that your personal designer will complete for you in under 48h.

Tell us which designs you need

In just a few steps you define the design you need, your requirements and tell your designer how it should look. In addition, you can provide us with all the necessary files and send us examples.

Time for the designs and your feedback

Within 48h you will receive the results from your designer.You can submit change requests directly from your dashboard.

Approval and download

Once you are satisfied with the result, you can complete the task and download all the files related to the project.

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Our Logo Design Services

Loge Rebranding
Your logo is a bit outdated? We will gladly take care of your logo rebranding, so that you will attract the attention of your customers in the future.
Together with you, we develop a logo that fits your business. Our experts will help you meet your needs with quality designs.
Logo Animation
You want to have an animated version of your logo? No problem. We'll help you with an individual implementation.
Logo & Branding
Would you like a complete brand guide for your company to go with your logo? No problem. Our designers will support you.

Why Magic Design?

With Magic Design, you add a top designer to your team and scale your design capabilities - in days, not months. Like an extended workbench, we support your company in all visual topics, from website design to social media content to ad graphics.

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As a start-up, you're never short of ideas you'd like to implement right away - but often you have a limited budget and few internal resources. With Magic Design, we take care of taking your design to the next level while you focus on the rest.
Various of your teams are always in need of graphic assets, but design resources are scarce? Magic Design is your extended workbench and takes over all the design tasks you can't handle internally - reliably and quickly.
To stand out from the competition, design is becoming an increasingly important factor. With Magic Design, you no longer have to worry about finding good designers yourself, but have a partner at your side who takes care of all your design tasks.

What our customers say

The best graphic design partner

Magic Design provides a great pricing model and a super user-friendly backend. They've been supporting us for a couple of months now and have never failed to deliver high-quality design projects, sometimes within a very tight schedule. Communication & feedback is easy and efficient.
Yunzhi Tao
Marketing Specialist @ EcoG
Great team, amazing results!

We have been working with Magic Design for a couple of months and we have tested various formats (web design, ad design, merch,...) and are completely convinced!
Lennart Prange
Co-Founder @ Valuecase
Speed, Communication and Quality are great!

For us as a young startup, the support of MagicDesign is exactly what we were missing. Graphic design experts who quickly and reliably create a wide variety of marketing materials tailored to our brand, such as online and print flyers, one-pagers, banners, ads and social media templates - without us having to hire a team of graphic designers.
Ulrike Grandi
Head of Marketing @ Banxware

FAQ - Logo Design

Here you can find answers for the most common questions around Logo Design.

Why should I choose Magic Design over a freelancer or design agency?

Agencies are often very expensive and the communication channels from the design idea to the finished design can be very long. Freelancers do not give you 100% security. With Magic Design you can have all your design wishes implemented easily and uncomplicatedly for a fixed monthly price.

Who owns the copyrights to my logo?

The copyright is subject to the creator of the logo and thus to the designer. However, the latter can transfer the rights to the logo to the company (often defined in the contract for work or services).

What kind of clients does the Magic Design logo design service work for?

Magic Design works for all companies that need an extended workbench for their graphic creation - it doesn't matter whether it's a new logo design or a redesign.

What makes a good logo?

A good logo should be simple and appealing, so that the viewer can immediately recognize what it is about and positively store the brand in memory. It should also be consistent with the corporate identity of the company and represent individuality.

What is the best way to get a logo for my business?

Basically, there are a few things you should keep in mind when designing your logo:

1. Define your brand: Before you create a logo, you should be clear about your brand. What is your mission, your values and your target audience? This information will help you create a logo that best represents your brand.

2. Look for a professional designer: There are many online platforms where you can find a designer who can create a logo for you. Pay special attention to the fact that the designer has experience and can show you references.

3. Give clear instructions: When hiring a designer, give them clear instructions on what you want for a logo. Let them know what you're thinking about and giving them feedback so they can adjust the logo accordingly.

Of course, we at Magic Design are happy to help you implement your logo.

4. Test the logo: Before you officially use the logo, test it on different platforms and in different sizes.So you can be sure that it looks good in any situation.

5. Protect your logo: Once you have a logo, you should have it protected to ensure that no one copies it or uses it without your consent.

What is included in the logo design?

When we design a logo for you, different versions, formats and colors are included. We want to make sure it's versatile and you can get started right away with the files. Also, you get as many revisions as you want.

What if I need more than one logo?

No problem. At Magic Design you can submit as many design requests as you want (e.g. several logos per month). The requests are processed one after the other.

What formats do I need for a logo?

Depending on the application, a suitable file format must be chosen to always make the logo look good. The original file is usually in A.ai or .fig format. For printed products, EPS as well as PDF and files are best suited. For digital media, SVG as well as PNG and JPG files are best used. Always keep in mind that your logo is in vector format so that you can scale it as much as you like without losing quality.

What do I need to prepare for my logo design?

If you want to prepare a good logo design brief, you should consider the following points:

Company and industry: Describe your company and the industry in which it operates. Briefly explain what products or services your company offers and which target group it will address.

Goals of the logo design: Explain what goals you want to achieve with the new logo. For example, do you want to create a more modern image for your company or increase awareness?

Style and design preferences: Specify what design preferences you have. For example, do you want a minimalist design or a playful one? Are certain colors or shapes particularly important to you?

Competitor analysis: Describe the logos of companies that are in the same industry as yours. Explain what you like about these logos and what you would like to do differently.

Target audience: Describe your target audience and their interests. For example, do you want a logo that appeals mainly to younger people or rather a logo that looks serious and professional?

Application areas: Specify where the logo will be used. For example, should it be used on business cards, stationery, the website, or on promotional materials such as posters and flyers?

Other annotations: Add any other comments that might be relevant to the logo design. For example, are there any particular symbols or images that you would like to incorporate into the logo?

The more detailed your brief is, the better designers can adapt to your wishes and ideas and create a logo that exactly fits your company and your target group.

What do I need a logo for?

The logo represents a company's brand identity and, if done well, communicates the brand's values and philosophy. All products, services and actions of the company are behind the logo. The target group automatically associates the logo with the brand and forms an opinion about it. Accordingly, you need a logo to express your brand, create recognition value and consolidate it in the minds of your target group.

What belongs to the logo design?

A logo consists of a lettering (usually the name of the company) and a signet (symbol). Often slogans can also be seen under the logo. Thus, the logo design includes the typography, color selection and selection and composition of the individual design elements.

How soon will I get my logo?

Of course, it all depends on where you order your logo. It can often take several weeks before you receive your logo. At Magic Design, however, you get your first drafts in less than 48 hours and can either leave feedback or use your logo directly.

Is a logo a design?

A logo is a graphic sign, which is also called logo design. A logo is designed specifically for a company and visually represents the brand behind it. Thus, a logo is a design.

How much does a logo design cost?

The cost of a logo design can vary greatly. From a few € 100 to over € 5000, everything is possible. It depends on who is hired for the design, freelancers, for example, are often cheaper than agencies. With Magic Design, the logo design is included in the subscription. In addition to the logo, you also get all your other design tasks done.

How can I design a logo?

When designing a logo, you should rely on an experienced designer. Together with the designer, you can set a style direction and decide what is important to you in the logo. Our professional designers at Magic Design will be happy to help you with this.