Published on
January 15, 2024

Top Startup Communities in Germany [2024]

Sina Sadegh
Co-Founder @ Magic Design

Germany has developed into one of the most significant startup nations in Europe in recent years and offers a wide range of dynamic startup communities. In this article, we present some of the top startup communities in Germany that you should definitely know as a founder, marketer, or investor.

From Berlin, the capital of the German startup scene, to Munich, the center for innovative technology startups, there are numerous cities in Germany that are distinguished by a vibrant and supportive ecosystem for young companies.

Learn in this article which communities in Germany are particularly active and future-oriented and how you can benefit as a participant. We show you which Slack, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, or Facebook groups exist and how you can network with other founders and investors.

Here is the full list:

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Sina Sadegh
Co-Founder @ Magic Design
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