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January 10, 2024

From Graphic Designer to Art Director: Meet Sabrina Novaro

Alessandro Neri
People & Culture Manager at Magic Design

In Design-Land, where precision meets creativity, we're honoured to introduce to you Sabrina Novaro, our amazing Art Director.

Sabrina is originally from beautiful Argentina and is currently based in Berlin.

Wanna see a little visual introduction she's prepared?

We asked her a couple of questions and here's what she had to say:

Q1: Can you walk us through your professional journey before considering a role at Magic Design?

From an early age, I was drawn to the world of media, fascinated by the behind-the-scenes elements of movies and music videos. Many years later, while studying Art Direction in Films, I discovered my love for graphic design through friends and quickly landed a position as an in-house graphic designer at a well-known model agency in Argentina and decided to change careers. Five years later after graduating, I decided to become freelance. I worked on a diverse range of projects for clients from various industries and backgrounds while doing the other thing I like the most: travel. By 2021 I decided to settle in Berlin and started working as a Graphic Designer for a dating app company. Where I learned a lot about branding and the ‘corporate world’.

Q2: Why did you decide to join Magic Design?

I’ve been wanting to move from a Designer role to a more operational position without losing touch with it completely. When I read the role description I instantly thought it sounded tailored to what I was looking for.

Q3: Can you share your experience during the recruitment process, and were there any specific aspects that stood out to you?

The recruitment process was super smooth. I enjoyed doing the first video presentation because I got to showcase my work and personality from the beginning.

Q4: Moving from a role as Senior Graphic Designer to becoming an Art Director how did you navigate this transition, and what skills did you find most valuable during this journey?

Thanks to my past experiences, I've learned to be adaptable and versatile, always ready to take on new challenges with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn and solve problems. I think this has helped me adapt to the new role most.

Q5: Could you walk us through a typical day in your current role? What tasks and responsibilities do you find most engaging and challenging?

I kick off my workday around 8:30 am, diving into emails and checking out what's on my to-do list. After a quick morning call with the core team at 9 am, I'm all set for our meeting with the Designers, where we talk briefly about project updates and our priorities. The rest of my day varies a lot, but I’m basically the point of contact between our awesome clients and the talented designers on our team. My mission? Making sure our clients are thrilled and our designers have everything they need to whip up top-notch designs. I've got to admit, that one of my favourite parts of the gig is putting together mood boards, especially for branding projects. There's something so satisfying about bringing creative vibes to the table and making sure our designs pop!

Q6: Among our core values (Create “WOW”, Pixel Perfect, Own it, Trust & Reliability, Figure it out, Always Communicate), which resonates with you the most, and how do you embody that value in your work?

Own it. I think what I most enjoy about the work in general is looking for solutions and getting things done in the best way we can.

Q7: If you were to speak to potential candidates considering joining Magic Design, what advice or insights would you share with them?

I would say that if you enjoy working on a different range of projects it’s a very fun place to work at. Also one of my favourite parts of working here is the people, everyone is super nice and truly cares about doing the best they can.

Q8: When you're not navigating the design realm with Magic Design, what's a personal passion or hobby that brings balance to your routine?

Whenever I have time, I really enjoy drawing in Procreate while I listen to some music :)

Q9: And now… last question! If your morning coffee could grant you a superpower for the day, what would that power be?

Reading the minds of our clients!

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