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May 17, 2024

20 Best Marketing Newsletters You Can't Miss in 2024

Maria Ledentsova
Digital Marketing Manager

As a marketer you have to keep up with the latest marketing trends. But it can be very time consuming. Your inbox is probably already overflowing with hundreds of new emails. And yet still, as a fellow Marketer, I think there has to be room for good newsletters that spark your creativity, inspire you, and keep you updated.

So, before you subscribe to these, I urge you to go through your inbox and unsubscribe from the emails you've been deleting lately without reading them (simply go to the "all emails" tab and see which ones you rarely open) - thank me later ;)

In Marketingland, changes are constant - new tools, social media updates, AI chatbots etc etc.

Subscribing to the best marketing newsletters out there is an excellent way to get curated, expert content directly in your inbox. It will help you to always stay ahead of the curve without that much effort.

Below, I've compiled a list of - in my humble opinion - 20 best marketing newsletters you shouldn't miss in 2024. Yes, they're THAT good.

What were my criteria? -> Quality content, relevance, & author expertise. Enjoy!


Finding time for the best marketing newsletters can be tough. Here are 20 must-read newsletters that offer top trends, insights, and inspiration to keep you updated:

1. Marketing Brew: Daily marketing news and insights.

2. The Creator Newsletter: Social media trends and content creation tips.

3. The Hustle Daily: Business and tech news with marketing insights.

4. The Moz Top 10: Bi-weekly SEO and digital marketing roundup.

5. Content Marketing Institute: Tips on content marketing trends and best practices.

6. Marketing Examples: Real-world marketing examples and copywriting tips.

7. Demand Curve: Growth marketing strategies for startups.

8. GrowthHackers: Community-driven marketing insights and case studies.

9. Neil Patel’s Newsletter: Actionable SEO and marketing tips.

10. MKT1 Newsletter: B2B marketing strategies and insights.

11. Backlinko: SEO tips and link-building strategies.

12. Everyone Hates Marketers: Unique and practical marketing advice.

13. Really Good Emails: Best practices in email marketing design.

14. Copyhackers: Copywriting tips and strategies.

15. The Daily Carnage: Daily marketing content roundup.

16. TL;DR Marketing: Daily digital marketing news summaries.

17. Because of Marketing: Marketing campaigns and industry news.

18. Go-To-Millions: Go-to-market strategies for DTC brands.

19. Swipe Files: SaaS marketing strategies and community support.

20. Seth Godin’s Newsletter: Daily insights on marketing, leadership, and creativity.

1. Marketing Brew

Marketing Brew sends daily marketing news and insights. Hosted by the Morning Brew team, the newsletter covers the latest trends, case studies, and expert opinions in the marketing world. If you don't want to sift through hundreds of sources to get your marketing news, this one's for you:

Key Features:

  • Daily updates
  • Concise and valuable marketing news
  • Expert opinions and analysis

Subscription Details: Daily. Subscribe here.

2. The Creator Newsletter

The Creator Newsletter by Katie Steckly is amazing especially for those working in Social Media / Content Creation. Katie and her team share the latest social media news, instagram reel trends, and resources. It's one of the most valuable weekly newsletters I've see and I always make the time to glance through it. Katie Steckly, if you don't know, is a YouTuber and content creator, so her newsletter focuses on really practical advice to help you grow on Instagram and YouTube.

Key Features:

  • Updates on social media trends
  • Tips for leveraging Instagram Reels
  • Free resources for content creation

Subscription Details: Weekly. Subscribe here.

3. The Hustle Daily Newsletter

The Hustle is a business and tech news newsletter with a focus on marketing. Founded by Sam Parr and his team, it is super engaging and uses great storytelling AKA you may find it hard to stop reading, that's how good it is. There is also lots of practical business insights that keep you updated on what's happening in marketing.

Key Features:

  • Engaging storytelling
  • Practical business & marketing advice
  • Daily updates

Subscription Details: Daily. Subscribe here.

4. The Moz Top 10

Moz Top 10 is a bi-weekly roundup of the top SEO and digital marketing articles curated by the Moz team. If you haven't heard, Moz is a really helpful SEO tool (they also have a free chrome extension!). This newsletter is perfect if you want to stay ahead in SEO with actionable tips and the latest industry news.

Key Features:

  • Bi-weekly updates
  • Curated top 10 SEO articles
  • Tips for increasing your SERP rankings

Subscription Details: Bi-weekly. Subscribe here.

5. Content Marketing Institute

Have you heard of Content Marketing Institute? It was founded in 2010 with the goal of helping marketers learn and implement content marketing strategies. Their newsletter is super valuable as they send you tips on content marketing trends and best practices – I've learned a lot from them. The writers are Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose, and they are doing a great job. The newsletter features case studies, industry research, and expert tips to help you come up with an informed content strategy.

Key Features:

  • Industry research
  • Content Marketing Tips
  • Case studies

Subscription Details: Weekly. Subscribe here.

6. Marketing Examples

Marketing Examples is a super popular newsletter & website created by Harry Dry, that rounds up real-world examples of impactful marketing campaigns. Each edition of the newsletter includes three short examples, two copywriting tips, and one favorite tweet, making it a concise yet valuable. The newsletter was voted as the "#1 marketing newsletter" before and has a subscriber base of over 130,000 marketers who appreciate the actionable and digestible content – I'm a big fan!

Key Features:

  • Real-world marketing examples
  • Practical copywriting tips
  • Concise, educational format

Subscription Details: Weekly. Subscribe here.

7. Demand Curve

Demand Curve's Newsletter is all about growth marketing strategies for startups. Run by their team, this newsletter sends you detailed playbooks, resources, and job opportunities to help you scale a startup effectively, week after week.

Key Features:

  • Detailed playbooks
  • Growth strategies
  • Job opportunities

Subscription Details: Weekly. Subscribe here.

8. GrowthHackers

If you're into dissecting marketing strategies and case studies, the GrowthHackers Newsletter is the perfect choice for you. Curated by Sean Ellis and his team, it has community-driven insights and contributions from industry experts. It's great for getting inspiration and fresh perspectives.

Key Features:

  • Community-driven insights
  • Case Studies & Marketing Strategies
  • Knowledgeable Features

Subscription Details: Weekly. Subscribe here.

9. Neil Patel’s Newsletter

Neil Patel is a megabrain in the marketing world. If you don't know him - have you been sleeping under a rock? haha He is also the founder of popular tools like Ubersuggest and Answerthepublic - if that rings a bell! His newsletter is packed with actionable SEO and digital marketing tips. Sometimes he also links to his in-depth blog posts, too (which are great, by the way!).

Key Features:

  • Actionable SEO tips
  • Marketing insights
  • Links to detailed Blog Posts

Subscription Details: Weekly. Subscribe here.

10. MKT1 Newsletter

MKT1 Newsletter focuses on B2B marketing strategies, and offers valuable insights for growth and marketing leaders. Hosted by Kathleen Estreich and Emily Kramer, former marketing executives from Asana and Carta, this newsletter provides actionable advice, in-depth analysis, and case studies to help you build and scale successful marketing teams. It's one of those newsletters that teaches you so much that you can't stop reading. After I read the first issue, I had to go to the archive to read the other ones - it can get you hooked!

Key Features:

  • B2B marketing strategies
  • Expert growth insights and analysis
  • Practical advice for growth leaders

Subscription Details: Weekly. Subscribe here.

11. Backlinko

Backlinko by Brian Dean offers SEO tips and link-building strategies. This newsletter includes in-depth articles, case studies, and research that provide actionable insights for improving your SEO game. A must for SEO marketers.

Key Features:

  • In-depth SEO articles
  • Case studies
  • Link-building strategies

Subscription Details: Weekly. Subscribe here.

12. Everyone Hates Marketers

Everyone Hates Marketers is a badass marketing newsletter by Louis Grenier. And let me tell you, this guy is just funny. His approach to marketing is disruptive and it brings results. If you're looking to get inspired and want to rethink your marketing, this is the newsletter for you! I mean, this guy sends coconuts to potential clients via post. Need I say more? The emails are short and sweet and a good mix of fun and practical learnings.

Key Features:

  • Unique marketing perspectives
  • Practical advice for standing out in a crowded market
  • Short, digestible daily updates

Subscription Details: Daily. Subscribe here.

13. Really Good Emails

Really Good Emails is a platform featuring lots of email designs you can use as inspiration. In their newsletter they send readers like you tips on best practices in email marketing design. Curated by Matthew Smith and the team, it features examples of effective email campaigns and design tips.

Key Features:

  • Best email design practices
  • Effective campaign examples
  • Lots of Email Design Inspiration

Subscription Details: Twice a week. Subscribe here.

14. Copyhackers

Copyhackers is a newsletter you can't miss if you work in Marketing. Writing is a skill that every single marketer has to master and continue developing, period. Joanna Wiebe shares really good copywriting tips and strategies in this newsletter. It also includes practical writing advice and case studies that can help you improve your copywriting skills.

Key Features:

  • All about copywriting
  • Case studies
  • Practical copywriting advice

Subscription Details: Weekly. Subscribe here.

15. The Daily Carnage

The Daily Carnage is a daily roundup of the best marketing content around the world. Basically, you'll learn what's happening in the world of marketing quickly if you subscribe to this newsletter. Curated by the Carney team, it covers different marketing disciplines and sends you curated content to keep you informed.

Key Features:

  • Curated daily updates
  • Coverage of various marketing topics
  • Engaging marketing news

Subscription Details: Daily. Subscribe here.

16. TL;DR Marketing

TL;DR Marketing delivers daily digital marketing news and insights. Run by Saijo George, it provides concise summaries of the most important marketing news you need to know. Give it a go!

Key Features:

  • Daily summaries
  • Digital marketing news
  • Easy-to-digest format

Subscription Details: Daily. Subscribe here.

17. Because of Marketing

Because of Marketing is a newsletter dedicated to showcasing the latest marketing campaigns, industry news, and campaign inspirations with a focus on marketing news or campaigns from the US. Founded by Rachael Higgins in 2020, this newsletter aims to highlight the hard work and innovation behind successful marketing efforts. It provides insights from creative agencies, social media executives, and marketing directors, making it a must-read for anyone in the marketing industry.

Key Features:

  • Detailed breakdowns of marketing campaigns
  • Industry news and trends
  • Inspiration from top creatives

Subscription Details: Fortnightly. Subscribe here.

18. Go-To-Millions

Go-To-Millions is a newsletter crafted by Ari Murray, the VP of Growth at Sharma Brands. Ari is known for her work in scaling and launching major brands such as Gwen Stefani's GXVE Beauty, Mr. Beast's Feastables, and Halsey's about-face beauty. This newsletter is designed to provide deep insights into go-to-market strategies, offering valuable tips and tricks specifically for direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands and marketing professionals.

Key Features:

  • Expert go-to-market strategies
  • Tips for scaling DTC brands
  • Insights from successful brand launches

Subscription Details: Three times a week. Subscribe here.

19. Swipe Files

Swipe Files is a great newsletter and community dedicated to SaaS marketing, hosted by Corey Haines. Corey sends you a mix of innovative marketing ideas and practical strategies to help SaaS brands specifically build sustainable marketing strategies. With a strong focus on actionable insights, the newsletter covers a wide range of topics including marketing campaigns, growth strategies, and industry trends.

Key Features:

  • Innovative marketing ideas
  • SaaS marketing strategies
  • Community support and resources

Subscription Details: Weekly. Subscribe here.

20. Seth Godin’s Newsletter

Who doesn't love Seth Godin? His newsletter is a daily dose of inspiration, insights, and practical advice on marketing, leadership, and personal development. Known for his concise and thought-provoking writing style, Seth's posts often challenge conventional wisdom and encourage readers to think differently. With nearly 9,000 posts and a million readers, Seth's Blog is one of the most popular in the world, making his newsletter a must-subscribe for anyone looking to elevate their thinking and approach in both professional and personal realms.

Key Features:

  • Daily learnings on marketing, leadership, and creativity
  • Thought-provoking and concise writing
  • Practical advice and real-world examples

Subscription Details: Daily. Subscribe here.

How to Make the Most of These Newsletters

Reading newsletters consistently can keep you updated and informed. Here’s how to get the most out of them:

  • Stay Consistent: Make time to read these newsletters regularly.
  • Implement Insights: Apply the tips and strategies you learn to your own marketing efforts.
  • Engage with Authors: Reach out to newsletter authors for deeper insights and networking opportunities.

FAQ: Best Marketing Newsletters

What are the best marketing newsletters to subscribe to in 2024?

The best marketing newsletters for 2024 include Marketing Brew, HubSpot Marketing Blog, The Hustle, Moz Top 10, Content Marketing Institute, Marketing Examples, Demand Curve, GrowthHackers, Neil Patel’s Newsletter, Backlinko, Everyone Hates Marketers, Really Good Emails, Copyhackers, The Daily Carnage, TL;DR Marketing, MKT1, Because of Marketing, Go-To-Millions, Swipe Files, and Seth Godin's Newsletter. These newsletters provide valuable insights, trends, and strategies to keep you updated and informed.

What content is typically included in the best marketing newsletters?

Top marketing newsletters often include a mix of industry news, case studies, expert opinions, actionable tips, and the latest trends. They may also feature interviews with industry leaders, analysis of successful marketing campaigns, and practical advice for improving marketing strategies.

How often are marketing newsletters typically sent?

The frequency of marketing newsletters varies. Some are sent daily, like Marketing Brew and The Hustle, while others might be weekly or bi-weekly, such as Moz Top 10 and Content Marketing Institute. The key is to find a frequency that keeps the audience engaged without overwhelming them.

Why should I subscribe to marketing newsletters?

Subscribing to marketing newsletters keeps you informed about the latest trends, tools, and strategies in the industry. They provide curated content from experts, helping you stay ahead of the curve, improve your marketing efforts, and achieve better results.

Are newsletters still relevant in 2024?

Yes, newsletters remain a highly effective tool for marketers in 2024. They offer a direct line of communication with subscribers, allowing for personalized and targeted content that can boost engagement, build brand loyalty, and drive conversions.

How do I choose the right marketing newsletter for my needs?

Consider your specific interests and professional goals. Look for newsletters that cover the topics you're most interested in, whether it's SEO, content marketing, growth strategies, or social media. Check out the credibility of the authors and the frequency of the newsletters to ensure they fit into your schedule and provide consistent value.

What are the benefits of email newsletters?

Email newsletters can boost brand authority and credibility, provide cost-effective marketing with high ROI, and foster long-term subscriber relationships. They allow you to deliver valuable content directly to your audience, keeping them engaged and informed about your brand.

How do email newsletters make money?

Email newsletters can generate revenue through various methods, including premium subscriptions, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and advertising. Some newsletters also offer exclusive content or access to events and conferences as part of their monetization strategies.

How can I make my newsletters more engaging?

To make newsletters more engaging, focus on delivering high-quality, relevant content that addresses the needs and interests of your audience. Use catchy and compelling subject lines, include visuals and interactive elements, and personalize the content. Regularly seek feedback and make adjustments based on subscriber preferences and behaviors.


Subscribing to these top marketing newsletters can provide you with the latest trends, expert insights, and practical tips to enhance your marketing efforts. Don't miss out on these valuable resources — subscribe today and stay ahead of the curve.

About the author
Maria Ledentsova
Digital Marketing Manager
Maria is a Digital Marketing Manager with a wealth of experience in the European startup ecosystem. She specialises in developing and implementing B2B and B2C marketing strategies and collaborates with graphic designers on a daily basis to make her marketing campaigns come to life.